The Sweetest Break Up

Break up would be the saddest thing that will happen to a human. Break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, your husband or wife, your cell phone or vices. But for me, the saddest break up would be a break up of a mother and a baby.

Twelve months, that would be the longest time for you to move on from your breakup. That would be long enough to forget all the happy memories with each other’s arms. Long enough for you to look for a new one. Long enough to remove the taste of it from the system of your body. But for the separation of a mother and her baby, it will take you a lifetime to forget your mom’s hugs and kisses.

It has been 21 years since the last time I felt the warm of her hug, the tender of her kiss, and her unconditional love. The feeling is still the same, it is still the sweetest moment of reminiscing your childhood.

Separation from your mom at a very young age was not easy. There were things that you needed guidance but no one can advise you. There were changes but no one can explain to you why there were questions but no one can answer it. These missing pieces made the baby ask why, but these made her stronger. Wounds are pains that will heal through the time, but the pain inside the baby’s soft heart – that is incomparable.

Years or decades may pass by, but those missing pieces will remain. But the ability of the baby to turn the bitterness into the sweetest breakup – that is matchless.



2 thoughts on “The Sweetest Break Up

  1. I can’t imagine separating from my mother :(. I am a detached person, as in I don’t get too close to anyone, but my mother is someone I cannot bear to see in pain or sorrow and someone I do everything for in my life.

    Great Post!

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