“Nice Try”

Creativity, curiosity, and openness that would make you a successful Graphic Design Artist.

A dot can be a masterpiece for a person with a creative and wild imagination.

You can craft, you can draw but do you think you are on the right track? No one knows, no one knows what would be in the end of this road. They’ve never been down this road.

“Nice try”, that’s what my client said when I submitted my first output. I was like – really? “Nope, nice try… but try again next time”, that’s what he said. A critic that makes me ponder and quit. One stone can’t make a person give up. Then, how many stones do I need to take for me to realize that I am not good enough for this field?

Am I an artist? Another question that no one can answer but only me.

I am an arid designer – an arid designer, isn’t it confusing? A designer must have a creative, open, and curious mind. Do I have it? The answer is yes, but the problem is a lack of experience. Then, I will collect more stones. One stone is not enough to make a stage, I need more to make my own grandstand.



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