This is who I am.

Have you ever try to find the inner core of someone?

Humans are like Earth we are composed of layers. Like Earth, we have an outer layer and inner core. We covered our body with a crust. A crust that fully fabricated with lies. A mantle that will protect our inner core. That’s why humans are the great pretender.

If you dare to dig down to a human structure you’ll find amazing facts in each layer. You’ll be bewildered but sometimes you’ll be upset for not knowing it earlier.

Deep inside your mind right now, I know what you’re thinking. I have that one precious truth that I keep inside my inner core too. If you want to discover the inner core of someone you can play as a Scientist.

A piece of advice, that’s the most dangerous layer of the Earth, it can burn you, it can even kill you, think first before digging down to someone’s structure.



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