I was so excited when I started designing my WordPress Blog. There are many things that I want to put in here. The reason why is, I don’t know the perfect niche for me. Since I am on a journey of being a Virtual Assistant, I thought that I will use this blog in sharing what I’ve learned and my progress along the way.

At first, I feel hesitant to continue this blogging. Who will read my blog? Will they spend their precious time in reading what I’ve shared here? These are all our questions when you signed up for WordPress.

During the process of designing, I allotted the footer for the Daily Prayers. After two days,  I deleted it, thinking that it eat up a lot of space and no one will be interested to read it. The question on what are the things I will share here is still on queued.

I responded to the Daily Prompt, but I think no one will like my stories. I must use the Daily Prompt in a better way. I scan some of the bloggers’ site, and I stumbled to a meditation niche. The author shared free meditation tips and sessions on her blog. People will surely come back every day on her site to enjoy this free cleansing and meditation tip. I found another who use this media in writing novels. That’s something book lover will never resist, a free access to a book.

Then yesterday’s prompt was posted. I started making another post about my Mom, I was able to come up with a nice story, but will they be interested to read another mellow dramatic post? Instead of publishing it, I save it and scheduled it in the future. Then, I found the Daily Prayer again, the one that I added in the footer before. I copied and paste it, did some corrections and formatting for easy reading then published it.

YES!, that’s it! This is the best thing to share on my Blog – The Word of God. Not everyone will be interested in reading this, but there will be someone who will be touched and will relate to the Word of God.

It already popped into my mind but I was hesitant, thinking that it is not a good post to share here. But nothing will be more helpful for a person in pain than a prayer.

In response to the Daily Prompt: Hesitate

Check out my first Daily Prayer: Ash Wednesday


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