I am the best!

March 02, 2017


By: Del Vitangcol

We believe!
We are blessed!
We keep Him in our heart.
He is always loving us.
He lived and died and rose again
for us.
Our life with HIM is complete.
We are grateful for His love.

How great is our God and greatly to be praised …in all the earth. – Psalm 48:1

People are full of doubts and hesitations. We never trust in our capabilities. We are always insufficient for ourselves. We always seek for the best without thinking that we already have it all. We always want to be the best. But there is one thing that we forget, that nothing is greater than the Lord Almighty.

In His eyes, we are all the same, no one is greater than other. We are the best because we were made from His likeness. You may not be the number 1 in the land of people, but in the Kingdom of God, YOU ARE THE BEST.

This is a response for the Daily Prompt: Doubt


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