God is With Us

March 04, 2017


By: Del Vitangcol

“Who will separate us from the
love of Christ? Shall tribulation,
or distress, or persecution,
or famine, or nakedness,
or peril or sword? “

Romans 8:35

Father God,

As long as we are with You,
we can be happy & be at peace.

Hear our prayers for-
Pope Francis,
All bishops, priests, and clergy
All sick and needy,
All souls in purgatory,
Our country the Philippines,
Our President Duterte.

We have to work hard to make more money at the end of the month. Bills, amortizations, tuition fees they are all filling up every 30th of the month.

We give up things for money. We renounce our time with our family for money. The hardest truth, we abandon our time to the Lord for money.

This morning, my co-worker was complaining about the power interruption in their area. This incident caused her a lot of trouble. In working at home, internet connection and the power supply are the two most important things that we should secure. The interruption lasted for half day, in spite of this difficulty she had a chance to offer her time to serve the Lord. She committed to serving Him every Saturday morning. But due to her desire to earn more this weekend, she gave up her commitment.

What happened with my colleague makes us realize that there’s nothing sweeter than to be in the presence of the Lord.

Response to the Daily Prompt: Desire


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