In my Innocent Mind

She’s gone,” that’s what my sister said.

Like lightning, it will take lives in a sec. My mom didn’t spend a day in the hospital,  in fact, I was not able to see her before she left us. When they’ve heard the news, everybody mourns and cries.Before the nightfall, her body arrives. Little by little our home was filled and crowded.

How old are you?” said the woman in black. I quickly responded, “I’m five.” Then another woman came and patted my shoulder, “Don’t be sad okay?”  she told me. “Yes, I will not.“Everybody’s attention was on me. I saw despair, pettiness, and sadness in their eyes. Finally, I found my playmates, I quickly leave the room and went outside. I can still feel their gazes. After few more steps, I finally feel at ease.

Someone grabbed my hands, and pull me away, “Come on Mae, let’s play!”. “Let’s just play here. My Mom will look for me when she wakes up.”

Response to the Daily Prompt: Vivid


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