February 1, 2017

Set your goals. What is your main goal for 2017? Think of something that is challenging but achievable. I thought of earning more through freelancing. At the end of the year, I want to earn $1,000 monthly. Yep, it’s easy, but for someone who doesn’t have the skills it’s challenging but I know I can achieve it by following my schedule. Thus I’ve made my daily goals, that is to search and search over the internet. What are the computer skills that a Virtual Assistant must have? What are the clients looking for an Admin Assistant? Then I’ve made my weekly goal, I will design infographics, logo, business card, presentation, anything that I can add up to my portfolio. Something that I can show off my designing skills. Then I come up with my very first Canva Output.

Many have liked my infographics, I shared on Facebook, I even got my first client from that community. He asked me to make a logo for his Tutorial Website. I failed, I’ve already foreseen it I know I am not good enough and I need to make extra effort to enhance my designing skill. As a newbie, you have to be strong to accept rejection. In this field, pleasing your client is the hardest part of the job. But don’t let those rejection stop you from reaching your goal. So I’ve made my monthly goal – to make a website – it doesn’t matter if it’s a free site. Well, here it is, my very first personal blog.

So think of something that you want to achieve for this year, make a schedule on how to achieve it. Push yourself, make your daily goals your habit.


If you talk about it, it’s a dream. If you envision it, it’s possible. But if you schedule it, it’s real. – Tony Robbins


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