February 13, 2017

Focus – you have to focus on what services you can offer to your clients. Last time, I came up with more than a hundred of skills that a Virtual Assistant should have. But the problem is where should I begin. A hundred – one year is not enough to master it all. I only have six months before sending proposals to prospective clients.

Choose what will be your specialization. Drop the inappropriate skills on your list. Focus only on the skills that you think you will excel.

There are various positions available in freelancing, you can be a Virtual Assistant or Secretary, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Sales Representative, (find the full list here). If you want to be a Virtual Assistant, list down all the necessary skills that you needed. Then divide it into three: important, more important, and most important.

Someone advise me, to begin with, the easiest, the less complicated, then allot more time to the most difficult one. Through this process every single day your knowledge will grow. After a month you can add two or three new skills in your profile. Then, you’ll realize that you fit the requirements in the Job Post, but brace yourself it is still too early.

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing . – Stephen Covey

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