February 20, 2017

Know your weaknesses, list it down. You have to be true to yourself. There are things that you can’t do, especially if your weaknesses overpower your strengths.

Some can easily get distracted when working, sometimes reading make some bored. If you let these distractions lead your way for sure in a month you will give up.

If you can be easily distracted when working, practice being more focus. Drop all the distractions. Log out your Social Media accounts, silence your mobile phone and grab some treat for yourself.

If you are studying your skills, prepared the resources ahead of time. Don’t search while studying for it will lead you to another topic and will lose your focus. If possible, copy and paste the reading materials to Word or print it out so you can study it offline. Offline reading is better since you are far from distractions, like your notifications from Twitter.

Admitting your faults isn’t a weakness – it’s a strength. Having your weaknesses pointed out isn’t a slur on your character – it’s an opportunity to improve your life. – James A. Owen

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