February 27, 2017

After knowing your weaknesses, time to befriend with your strengths.

Your strengths are where you are good at. You found it easier to deal with. It makes you feel better and confident.

Discovering your strengths helps you find the best freelance opportunity for you. It will help you develop your skills and reaching your goals.

Developing it will make you feel more comfortable in taking care of your client’s project. Getting used to it is the best way to develop them.

Take part in activities that will enhance your strengths. If time management and organizing are what you do best. You can volunteer in organizing for an event, you can be part of your sister’s debut committee. If you are an intrapersonal and responsible person then be part of a charity work. If you can write, offer your service to your friends who have a blog or a business where you can be one of their reviewers.

You’ll know that you are using your skills if you quickly understand a new skill. You will feel enthusiastic in handling activities that tickle your strengths. You will feel more confident that you can achieve your client’s goal. Finally, you will feel happy doing your tasks.

Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses. – Marilyn Von Savant

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